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Credit Cards are plastic cards which you use to make purchases.  You borrow money from your bank and make a purchase but then you need to pay back within the period the bank gives you.  If you pay later than the due date, you will have to pay interest on top of what you borrowed.


Making late payments can cause you to have bad credit.  Bad Credit is not good for you or your future. In todays world, it is important to have good credit. If you have no credit, find out ways to establish credit.

The four major credit card companies are American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.  These companies offer consumers a variety of cash back offers and options.  No annual fees, travel and rewards, low interest rates and more.  Find the right credit card for you and the most important fact is always pay on time. Whether you choose to make the minimum payment or to pay the total outstanding balance, your payment must reach the financial institution or business by the payment due date. Otherwise, you will incur late fees, and you may damage your credit history.  Learn credit cards 101.

Every college student should sign up for a credit card. There are many easy online applications for credit cards.  Plus, always try to find a credit card with low interest or no annual fees especially if you are looking to transfer balances.


If you have no credit or want to establish credit.  One of the best ways is to have a prepaid credit card.  Prepaid credit card works similar to an ATM card or bank debit card. You can add money to a prepaid card and use it anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted .


Do you have Bad Credit?
First, you need to find out your credit score which determines what kind of

good-credit-score-300x252 credit you have.  When you are reviewing a credit score where the range runs from 300 – 850, you can generally assume the following:

Great Credit: 760 – 850
Good Credit: 680 – 760
Fair Credit: 620 – 680
Bad Credit: Below 620




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Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card
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Many credit cards if managed properly can actually save you money and contain valuable rewards and cash back offers that are the most important benefit to cardholders.

Did You Know:
1.  Credit card companies such as Discover, Mastercard and Citibank offer price match for purchases.  This means if one or more of your previous purchases go on sale, you will receive credit for the difference in price.  Visit Citibank, Discover and Mastercard for more information.

2.  If you use your credit card to purchase an item, you might have an extended warranty or double the warranty on purchases made.  Check with your credit card company and inquire about this perk.

3.  When traveling, everyone wants to have a great time and end their vacation with little out of pocket expense to save money.  Some credit card companies offer travel insurance and special service rewards.  American Express is considered to have the best travel rewards programs and travel insurance benefits.

4.  You can contact your credit card company to inquire about your fraud protection policy. Most credit cards have fraud protection and can reimburse you for unwanted charges instantly.

How to Choose a Rewards Credit Card and Cash Back Credit Card

Did you ever have a idea that choosing a Rewards Credit Card would be difficult? Well, it is especially if you are a new sign up and person applying for a credit card for the first time. There are lots of Rewards Credit Card to pick from each with its own Rewards and bonuses. For firs time, it is really a grueling task to find out which one is the best of the lot. There is no sure guide of how to choose a Rewards Credit card and cash back credit card. Three things mainly guide one in searching for the perfect Rewards Credit card: one’s requirements, habits and credit history. These are however preliminary and a good number of other factors are also at play when it comes to choosing a cash back credit card.

What Things To Look Out For?

  • How Many Cards Do I Need- Ask The question to yourself and your answer will determine which will be the best Rewards credit card for you. If you think you can handle more than one, then you can easily opt for a credit card which earns you great cash back and may be another that earns you points/miles.
  • What Are The Rewards and Benefits That I Am Looking For– Your need will justify your choice of credit card. Make sure that you are clear of what you want. Is that cash that you fancy or you are more in for earning miles to facilitate your travel expenses. The kind of Rewards you desire will make the decision easier. Say for example if you want a card that is going to make travel easier then there are cards like Delta Gold American Express, United MileagePlus Explorer and Preferred Starwood Guest Express. Those who wants to earn points specific to a retailer can opt for Macy’s American Express or Target REDcard. One can choose American Express Platinum, Chase Ink Plus/Ink Bold, and Citi Prestige if they are looking for credit cards that are part of transferable points program.

Similarly, also consider the benefits that you will reap after having the card like no annual fee or foreign transaction fees, free checked bags and more.

  • Consider Your Budget- The amount that you are willing to pay on a monthly or yearly basis will also help you pick up your credit card. The more you charge on a credit card, the more rewards you earn but keep in mind that this should not be the only deciding factor for your choosing the rewards credit card.
  • Do not just get a credit card on Impulse- Your credit card is for making things simple for you and help you manage your expenses better. It is advisable never to get a credit card on the spur of the moment. Rather it makes sense to compare and consider the offer and what rewards one is currently enjoying to what the new card will bring and then take the decision.
  • Do Away With The Less Rewarding Cards- It makes sense if you do away with cards that are high on annual fee and less on rewards. So, when you have made up your mind to dump the less rewarding cards and get a new one, then choose a card that comes with a competitive rewards program offering a strong balance transfer program at the same time.
  • Watch Out For The Changing Terms- Keep a tab on the changing terms issued by credit card companies. It is better not to overlook the mail that carries news of fewer points, lower percentage of cash back and other credit card related information.

Which credit card you choose depends on a huge number of factors. It is not just a matter of the best rewards or the lure of cash back. Whether or not you are eligible for it is also something you should keep in mind when you are considering your choices. The factors which should determine which card is the best for you are:

  • Your credit history
  • Your spending habits
  • Your needs

Cash back credit cards

Cash back credit cards are a very popular choice; much popular than rewards cards. And they should be, for most people. The truth is that, taking the cash is your best bet in most instances because there are several restrictions on how you can redeem the reward points you accumulate with rewards cards. Whether it is a restriction on the hotels you stay at or the airlines you travel in, cash back is usually the better option in most cases.

Rewards credit cards

However, it does not mean that rewards credit cards are a waste of time. Not at all! They are great for people who have certain spending habits and want benefits whenever they spend. The standard with these cards is that you get 1 reward point for every dollar you spend. With the Capital One Venture card though, you get 2 reward points for each dollar you spend. The points you accumulate can be used as credit to meet your travel expenses. If you live out of suitcases and spend a significant amount of time traveling or are planning a vacation with the family, such a rewards card can really help.

Tips to choose the best credit card for yourself

As you can see, it can get confusing when you start considering all your options. Whether it is cash back or rewards programs, with so many options to choose from and what looks like great offers with each card, it can be tough to make your decision. So here are some tips to go through to know what things you should be considering.

  • Points: These are an indicator of how many rewards you have earned on your credit card. The usual value of a point is one cent, but this can be changed anytime and that is the reason why credit card companies let you accrue ‘’points’’ rather than dollars. Travel rewards cards may give you rewards in the form of ‘’miles’’, which mean the same as points.
  • Bonus points: Looking for bonus offers when you sign up is a good idea. Usually, if you spend a certain amount with your card, you get bonus points which can be redeemed.
  • Interest rate: If you are someone who always pays of all balances at the end of the month, then looking for better rewards is the easy way to go. But if you carry balances, then you should pay a lot of attention to lower interest rates.

With time and effort, finding the perfect credit card should not be trouble.

Choosing whether you should go for a gas, hotel or airlines rewards card can be a big decision. But the best thing for you to do (if you spend a lot on each of these things), is to get each one of them and use them with discretion.

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